International Peace Garden


Roam from one country to another in this US-border straddling garden dedicated to peace.

Located on the Manitoba/North Dakota border 24 km south of Boissevain, visitors are free to roam within the garden from one country to the other. The Peace Garden is more than flowers, summer camps and camping. It is dedicated to peace and home to informative sites such as our Conservatory, Interpretive Centre, North American Game Warden Museum and Peace Chapel. It is an amazing place for family gatherings, great meals and creating lasting memories. Our Garden is open year-around with the exception of the week between Christmas & New Years. Admission to enter park. Noted for exquisite landscaping, the garden features a unique 5.5 m/18 ft working Floral Clock with nearly 3,000 flowers, run by GPS. The Peace Chapel features three walls of fossil-embellished Manitoba limestone with quotations from "people of peace." The September 11 Memorial displays 10 beams from the World Trade Center in the formal garden. The International Peace Tower's height, 35 m/120 ft high, symbolizes the soaring ambitions of the early immigrants arriving from the four corners of the world to Canada and the United States in the 1800's and 1900's. The Carillon Bell Tower sounds every quarter-hour from 14 chimes. A year-around Interpretive Center houses a restaurant, conservatory, retail store and moderate horticulture library. The conservatory reveals 40 years of a 6,000 specimen collection of exotic trees, succulents and cacti. Tel. 204-534-2510 Toll-free: 1-888-432-6733 Web: